About us





Mestriasideral is a company in the area of civil construction and metalworking, with highly qualified professionals. With the needs of our customers in mind, the company proposes to respond to all types of civil construction and metalworking services in all branches of its activity, making use of technical staff with specific training to be able to guarantee quality all requested services.

We move our professionals to the customers' premises.

Strategy and policy
Distinguish yourself in the market for efficient, quick and quality responses to any request from your partners.
Our success is proportional to the success of our partners and collaborators. This is the only way we can achieve sustainable growth, focusing on satisfaction, quality and safety.

Mission and values
Act in the metalworking industry in order to satisfy and support the growth of its partners and employees, working ethically and responsibly, with quality and safety.

The satisfaction and responsibility of our employees in their work allows us to provide a dynamic and quality response to our partners. Dealing with each failure as a lesson, these are used as a new step towards success and continuous improvement.

Our commitment and attentive listening to our partners allow us to offer the most viable and appropriate solutions for each project.